A Brief History

I suppose a bit of introduction is in order.

A few years ago I started a little Facebook group for my friends called “Christian Feminist Intellectual: Faith for the Post-Post Modern” in hopes that we would have a safe space to discuss news and ideas that seemed to draw the worst comments out of people when posted on our regular FB timelines.  I love this group.  Even if we didn’t post for a long time, when people did it just felt like we had some sort of community, even though we are scattered across the US.

Because of CFI, I slowly but surely started to face the deep depression I have been in for years.  I am an artist and a believer and both of those key aspects of my self seem to have been drowned in the mundane.

I have just begun to believe that maybe it was important for me to create, that I do have something to say, that my voice is important to the world. I think I’ve always thought that my art and thoughts were just that, and not useful to anyone else.  Now, I’m thinking that art is important for community, that it’s an intrinsic function that is necessary for society.  So I started to cast about for a place to talk about art and faith and anything else that might come up, and couldn’t find quite the right place.  So I’m making a place.  I’m building a Treehouse to have The Great Conversation in.

Won’t you climb up the rope ladder?


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